What We Do?

Originally founded by Andrew Brines almost three decades ago, Polysorb Group is committed to one thing above all else: making sure that you have the tools you need to effectively clean up ALL messy issues and other spills, both in the home and on the job site. Whether you’re talking about body spills to clean up materials like blood, vomit or urine, are talking about something far more devastating like an oil spill or something in between doesn’t matter – we’ve got the tools necessary to help make sure not just that the job gets done, but that it gets done right.

How it works?

At Polysorb, we offer a wide range of different services for you to choose from depending on your needs. We offer Spill Kits designed for any situation that you may face – from cleaning up problems like blood or vomit in schools and hospitals to oil spills on construction sites and absolutely everything in between – WITHOUT harming the affected environment in any way.

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